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Get Your Own Exclusive Swimming Pool Leads and Grow Your Local Reputation

Keep your pipeline full with 20 to 60 new leads every month
Get exclusive leads through your own advertising!
Start getting leads within 1-3 days of launch
Use our lead management dashboard to sell more jobs
And get eyes on your business with roughly 30k to 70k views every month!
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A picture of a swimming pool with a house in the background. The foreground is labeled exclusive swimming pool leads.

“Peter has been an absolute asset to our company. He has given us the edge we needed to find our customers. Anyone can make a Facebook ad and boost it. What Peter offers is expertise in finding your target audience, capturing their information and connecting you with them while they are in an emotional buying state…“

John Wisniewski

“Service Allies has been an amazing addition to our lead systems. We have dropped all other marketing services and focused solely on Peter Lewis and his team. Awesome follow up, professional to say the least. I would recommend Service Allies to ANYONE  who is serious about growing their business! Also the leads are better qualified than ever before! …”

Pete Farris

 “... I started with Service Allies last week and the leads that have been generated off our campaign are real and they answer the phone and you can actually set an appointment with them.  Closed my first customer within 1 week.  Already paid for the campaign fees.”

Tim Stark

Highly recommend to anyone out there looking for lead generation and marketing services. Peter is great to work with, provides training on lead management and is accessible.”

Ben Lewis

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How Service Allies Gets Exclusive Swimming Pool Leads

We get leads by running ads on behalf of your swimming pool business. Thousands of local homeowners will see your ads in their Facebook and Instagram feeds, and some will contact your business.

An illustration that shows the progression from targeting, to running ads, to capturing leads, and priming the leads with a video

1. Target Locally

We will work out where to run ads by reviewing your service area. Your ads will only show to people within these areas.

2. Attract the Best

Your ideal customers are out there in your market. We'll try to understand them, and use the best messaging and images we can think of to appeal to them specifically. This will help you get qualified leads.

3. Convert

Your swimming pool company is unique. There are things you can do, or ways you deal with customers, that other companies can't do or won't do. We'll help you discover these selling points and use them to convince prospects to contact you!

4. Prime for Closing

Once leads have filled out their contact information, we direct them to a sales video. This is a video we shoot on your company's behalf to help new leads build up familiarity and trust with your business.

What Makes Service Allies Leads Stand Out

An icon demonstrating good quality leads

Good Lead Quality

The text and images you use in advertising have a dramatic impact on lead quality. That's why we design our ads to attract leads who are as qualified as possible. The contractors we work with normally book about 30% to 40% of our leads when they use a strong follow-up process that includes calling and texting. The close rate depends largely on your internal processes.

An icon showing an exclusive lead

Lead Exclusivity

Homeowners become your lead when they respond to your company's ad. These leads are sent straight to your lead management dashboard, and we never share leads with multiple swimming pool contractors.

An icon showing lead volume scaling up

Scalable Lead Volume

You have a lot of flexibility in the amount of leads you get. You can increase your lead volume by increasing your budget. Most of our contractors opt for about 20 to 60 leads each month, but you can scale to 100 or more if your service area is large enough.

An icon with arrows demonstrating a fast launch time

7-Day Launch Time

We can build and launch your ads within 7 days of our onboarding call. After we launch, leads almost always start coming in within 1-3 days!

Brian from Denver, Colorado generated $800,000 through Service Allies

A Denver, CO company used Service Allies' exclusive lead generation program to get generate $800,000 in luxury kitchen and bath sales

Brian is a high-end remodeler based out of Denver, Colorado. He needed a way to target wealthy customers. We created a strategy that included a landing page and pre-sales video that has been responsible for generating about $800,000 in high end kitchen and bath sales!

A Video From the Owner

Peter talks about our exclusive leads and typical results.

More About Swimming Pool Leads

Services Allies offers exclusive lead generation to swimming pool contractors. 

Who It’s For

Our program is for swimming pool companies who want to get more swimming pool installation leads in the short term while becoming a more established and well-known business in the long term. When Service Allies runs your ad campaigns, not only do you get the leads; you get your business seen by locals 25,000 to 70,000 times every month. 

If you want to get leads within days, grow your reputation in the long run, and avoid using third-party services for swimming pool leads, this program is for you.

Please note: we work exclusively with one contractor. Schedule a demo to claim your local area and discuss moving forward.

The Opportunity

Having an in-ground swimming pool installed is a big decision. Homeowners take their time thinking about it. How will it fit in with their backyard? What are the costs associated? What are their options for design? 

Because homeowners are in this thinking state for months or even years, you have plenty of time to get in front of them with an ad. While search engine marketing focuses on getting in front of people who are searching (a very small pool of homeowners in any market), our Facebook ads focus on getting in front of them while they are still in the consideration stage. This lets you reel them in a consultation, and build trust and confidence until they give you their business.

A picture of a man in a house with a thought bubble coming from his head. In the thought bubble is a picture of a pool. There is an illustration of a timeline with the consideration phase highlighted.
Homeowners take time considering their pool project before getting a quote and moving forward.

Potential Returns on Investment

In-ground pool installations average around $30,000 to $80,000 (probably more in some parts of the country.) Let’s look at a scenario where your average pool installation generates $50,000 in revenue. On average, Service Allies leads come in for about $50 of ad spend each. (Please note, this doesn’t include our management fee.) Let’s say your sales numbers work out like this.

$1500 in ad spend equals 30 leads.

A 25% booking rate means you run about 8 sales appointments.

A 25% close rate means you close 2 new pool sales.

$50,000 in revenue per pool sale equals $100,000 in revenue.

$1500 in ad spend and $100,000 in revenue would give you a 66 times ad-spend-to-revenue ratio. 

An illustration with text showing an ROI from leads.
A potential outcome of our leads based on quick math.

Please note: this is only a projection with some basic math, and assumes a $50 cost per lead, a 25% booking rate, and 25% close rate. This isn’t a prediction or guarantee of results.

How to be Successful On Our Program

1. Get Pictures of Your Work

Real pictures of real projects attract the most leads. If you don’t have photos, we can use stock photos that look as close to real as possible. That being said, if you don’t have photos, start getting them as soon as you can. Done is better than perfect!

2. Offer Consultations & Design

A high percentage of homeowners that reach out to you through our program will probably be looking for help planning and designing their pool. If your company offers consultations and design renderings, you increase your chances of building homeowners’ confidence and getting the sale.

3. Be Visible and Build Trust

Following up with your new leads fast and often is important. Not only that, but reaching out and being visible to your older leads is important. All other things being equal, homeowners will choose the contractor they’ve had the most communication with and remember the most. 

4. Have Immediate Availability

How soon can you start installing new pools? It can be a huge advantage if other contractors in your market are booked out for months and you’re not. A percentage of homeowners will want their pool installed soon. And you might get the contract on this basis alone. 

Getting Started

An illustration showing a picture of a man on the phone, a picture of a man working on a computer, and a screenshot of a Facebook ad.
After we onboard your company it normally only takes 7 days to launch your ads.

If you’re interested in working with Service Allies, schedule a call with us.

We’ll show you how the program works and cover pricing information. From there, if you’d like to sign on with us, here’s what will happen next:

  1. We’ll have an onboarding call. On this call, we’ll talk about areas to target, campaigns to run, and I’ll get all the information I need to set up your ads. This will also be a time for you to provide photos of your pool projects. And if you don’t have a Facebook page already, I can create one for you. 
  2. I’ll set up your ads, CRM, and everything else that’s needed. 
  3. After 7 days, we’ll have our launch call. On this call, I’ll walk you through what to expect, and how to use the CRM. Your ads will launch the same day, and you’ll start getting leads within 1-3 days.

Sell More Jobs with our Lead Management Dashboard

An image of a phone and a laptop with the service allies lead management dashboard pulled up


Get notified as soon as new leads come in. This helps you call new leads quickly and book more appointments! 


Schedule appointments with customers through the app and run automated appointment reminders to stay top of mind.


Take notes, mark sold jobs, and track your return on investment all in one place.

Or, Use Your Own

Get leads pushed to your own software to save time and avoid double data-entry. We integrate with almost all major platforms including:

An illustration showing leads coming from a lead form and going automatically into a crm system
A small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for Job NimbusA small black and white photo for pipedriveA small black and white photo for the contractor foreman softwareA small black and white photo for the market sharp softwareA small black and white photo for the housecall pro softwareA small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for the high level softwareA small black and white photo for the builder acculynx software

Why Service Allies?


We do our best to run ads that are truthful and we avoid manipulative marketing practices like selling through fear.

Not only will you this give your customers a better experience, but will protect your image as a company. Learn more about us.


Service Allies focuses on one thing: getting quality leads for home improvement contractors through paid Facebook ads.

This level of attention allows us to be thorough, streamlined, and to get good results for our clients.

Pricing Information

We don’t sell our services on a per-lead basis. Instead, you give us a monthly budget to manage, and we work to get you as many good leads as possible within that budget. The average lead cost is $50 in ad spend. We have separate fees to run our system.

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Interested in working with us? Schedule a short phone call to see if Service Allies is right for you.