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Get Your Own Leads for High End Landscaping Services Without Relying on Third Party Lead Companies

Keep your pipeline full with 20 to 60 new leads every month
Get exclusive leads through your own advertising!
Start getting leads within 1-3 days of launch
Use our lead management dashboard to sell more jobs
And get eyes on your business with roughly 30k to 70k views every month!
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“Peter has been an absolute asset to our company. He has given us the edge we needed to find our customers. Anyone can make a Facebook ad and boost it. What Peter offers is expertise in finding your target audience, capturing their information and connecting you with them while they are in an emotional buying state…“

John Wisniewski

“Service Allies has been an amazing addition to our lead systems. We have dropped all other marketing services and focused solely on Peter Lewis and his team. Awesome follow up, professional to say the least. I would recommend Service Allies to ANYONE  who is serious about growing their business! Also the leads are better qualified than ever before! …”

Pete Farris

 “... I started with Service Allies last week and the leads that have been generated off our campaign are real and they answer the phone and you can actually set an appointment with them.  Closed my first customer within 1 week.  Already paid for the campaign fees.”

Tim Stark

Highly recommend to anyone out there looking for lead generation and marketing services. Peter is great to work with, provides training on lead management and is accessible.”

Ben Lewis

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How We Get Landscape Leads

We run ad campaigns that show your company to thousands of local homeowners every month. Typically, this results in 20 to 60 leads each month and a trickle of additional customers.

An illustration that shows the progression from targeting, to running ads, to capturing leads, and priming the leads with a video

1. Target Locally

After working out your targeting area together, we'll set up your ads to show in these areas. Local homeowners will see these ads and reach out to your landscape company.

2. Attract the Best

We determine the type of leads you get by what the ads say and the images used. Whether you are interested in landscaping, hardscaping, or full yard transformations, we'' run ads for specifically what you want.

3. Convert

Every landscaping company has it's unique selling points and not everyone offers the same thing. We'll help you discover the unique items that set your company apart and use them to persuade customers to reach out.

4. Prime for Closing

Prospects are more likely to do business with companies they can trust. We do a sales video that informs your customers on what sets you apart. This helps nurture your leads by making your company more tangible and trustworthy.

What Makes Service Allies Leads Stand Out

An icon demonstrating good quality leads

Good Lead Quality

We diligently work to make our ads produce high quality leads. This means careful messaging, using the correct images, and testing different approaches to see what gets you the best results. Our ads are designed to attract high quality leads. For companies who follow our appointment setter training, you can normally book 30% to 40% of your leads and close between 25% to 40%. However, we have seen closing rates of up to 70%.

An icon showing an exclusive lead

Lead Exclusivity

Your leads will come in by reaching out to your company directly. They are your leads. We don't send your leads to other landscaping contractors.

An icon showing lead volume scaling up

Scalable Lead Volume

You can budget for the amount of leads you need. Most of our clients budget for somewhere between 20 and 60 leads every month, but with a large service area you can scale up to 100 or more.

An icon with arrows demonstrating a fast launch time

7-Day Launch Time

There is only a 7-10 day ramp up time from onboarding. It takes us about 7 days to build your ads, and leads virtually always start coming in just 1-3 days after launch.

PA paving company gets 457 leads in less than 9 months

In just over 8 months a Pennsylvania paving company generated 457 exclusive paving leads with Service Allies

I cold called a paving company earlier this year to see if they were interested in our lead generation program with Facebook ads. I happened to have really good timing - the owners were thinking about running Facebook ads and, at the time I called, were actually writing out a text to someone else to ask about running them. The timing was incredible and felt like an act of God. The results we were able to generate were also incredible.

In just over 8 months, we generated 457 leads with $9,938.27 in ad spend ($21.74 per lead!). Keep in mind - these are all exclusive leads reaching out to the company directly.

Recently, I talked to the gal responsible for calling all the leads and she told me that they had booked 90% - 95% for sales appointments. Not only had they booked all those sales appointments - but their close rate is 70%! 

Some of these leads were for small ticket items, like seal coating ($400 on average.) Some, however, were large driveway paving projects, reaching up to $14,000. They sold one or two commercial projects. She told me their average ticket ranged somewhere between $2000 - $6000 on sold projects. If you split that down the middle the average ticket is $4000.

While these results are incredible on their own, there are likely many more projects that came in through their site or through referrals that can't be tracked by Service Allies. Because in addition to the directly tracked leads, their ads got seen 763,003 times by 166,513 people. That is some serious brand power!

If you own a paving business and would like to work with Service Allies, give us a call or schedule a demo today.

A Video From the Owner

Peter talks about our exclusive leads and typical results.

Learn More About Landscaping Leads

Service Allies offers lead generation services to landscaping contractors. 

How We Get You Landscaping Leads

We’ll start by sitting down with you and working out your ideal customer. You may want to focus on high ticket, high margin projects. 

From there, Service Allies will build your ad campaigns to get those types of landscaping leads. For example, rather than a generic ad about landscaping services, we can run an ad featuring a full hardscape design with walkways, retaining walls, flower beds, and maybe a patio. This will help you attract customers looking for help with those full-scope projects!

We’ll target your local service area to get you exclusive leads that are close by and to build up your reputation in the area as a premium landscape designer. 

When customers picture themselves enjoying summer evenings in their new hot tub, with their beautiful outdoor lighting, they’ll think of you.

The Unique Opportunity for Landscaping Companies

A collage showing four different landscaping projects.

Large landscaping projects can cost up to six figures in revenue, which gives your company the chance to get a high ROI from landscaping leads.

Unlike remodeling, where most of the work needs to get done all at once, with landscaping projects the customer can start small and add more work later. You may get in the door with a small project to do some ground leveling and add mulch for around $2,000, and later the customer may want to add a walkway and retaining walls for another $5,000. Later they may want you to build a patio for an additional $15,000. 

This gives you the opportunity to work with a broad range of customers, even if they don’t have a large budget immediately. Offering a lawn maintenance subscription along with the initial work you do for customers can help you solidify this relationship and get more work from them in the long run. 

You’ll get a mix - some customers will want to start small and some will want you to complete a full hardscape project right away. But the customers who start small could help you pay for your marketing costs quickly while building up your long term book of business.

ROI (Return on Investment) Potential

Let’s look at some math to see what your ROI could be.

We’ll start by assuming your average lead cost is $50. This is typical for our marketing campaigns.

If your lead cost is $50, and you spend $1500 on ads in a month, you’d get 30 leads. Let’s say out of those 30 leads, you book 10 sales appointments. If your close rate was 30%, you’d close 3 projects.

Now let’s look at revenue. Assuming we target  high end projects, you’d most likely get a mix of customers who are looking for you to design their dream backyard now and some customers who want to start small. Some customers may start with spending $2,000 to $5,000 and some may spend $15,000 to $30,000 right away. Let’s average it out and say your average ticket on new landscaping sales is $13,000.

Your total revenue on 3 sales would be 3 times $13,000, or $39,000. That would all come from just an ad spend of $1500.

Note: this is just a projection based on some quick math and typical lead costs. It is not meant as a guarantee in any way.

Why Service Allies instead of Third Party Leads?

While some third party lead companies may be able to provide leads at a lower cost, Service Allies offers two very big advantages:

  1. We can target specifically for high ticket, high margin projects instead of just relying on what comes through the door.
  2. You get to build your brand at the same time as generating leads, and become known in the area as the go-to company for premium landscape projects
Illustration of landscaping leads being added to a column in a CRM.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Leads

If you’re interested in getting landscaping leads, here’s what you can do to make your campaigns more successful:

  • Offer 3D design service to customers during the sales process
  • Have a gallery full of projects you’ve done in the past
  • Have a number of good reviews with a good rating on Google
  • Offer recurring landscape maintenance subscriptions to customers

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Sell More Jobs with our Lead Management Dashboard

An image of a phone and a laptop with the service allies lead management dashboard pulled up


Get notified as soon as new leads come in. This helps you call new leads quickly and book more appointments! 


Schedule appointments with customers through the app and run automated appointment reminders to stay top of mind.


Take notes, mark sold jobs, and track your return on investment all in one place.

Or, Use Your Own

Get leads pushed to your own software to save time and avoid double data-entry. We integrate with almost all major platforms including:

An illustration showing leads coming from a lead form and going automatically into a crm system
A small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for Job NimbusA small black and white photo for pipedriveA small black and white photo for the contractor foreman softwareA small black and white photo for the market sharp softwareA small black and white photo for the housecall pro softwareA small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for the high level softwareA small black and white photo for the builder acculynx software

Why Service Allies?


We do our best to run ads that are truthful and we avoid manipulative marketing practices like selling through fear.

Not only will you this give your customers a better experience, but will protect your image as a company. Learn more about us.


Service Allies focuses on one thing: getting quality leads for home improvement contractors through paid Facebook ads.

This level of attention allows us to be thorough, streamlined, and to get good results for our clients.

Pricing Information

We don’t sell our services on a per-lead basis. Instead, you give us a monthly budget to manage, and we work to get you as many good leads as possible within that budget. The average lead cost is $50 in ad spend. We have separate fees to run our system.

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