Kitchen Remodeling Leads

Get 20 or more exclusive kitchen leads every month while reaching thousands of homeowners in your area!

  • 20 to 60 leads every month
  • Get leads within 1-3 days
  • Leads are Exclusive
  • Lead Management Dashboard

“Service Allies has been an amazing addition to our lead systems. We have dropped all other marketing services and focused solely on Peter Lewis and his team. Awesome follow up, professional to say the least. I would recommend Service Allies to ANYONE  who is serious about growing their business! Also the leads are better qualified than ever before! …”

Pete Farris

 “... I started with Service Allies last week and the leads that have been generated off our campaign are real and they answer the phone and you can actually set an appointment with them.  Closed my first customer within 1 week.  Already paid for the campaign fees.”

Tim Stark

“Highly recommend to anyone out there looking for lead generation and marketing services. Peter is great to work with, provides training on lead management and is accessible.”

Ben Lewis

“Peter has been an absolute asset to our company. He has given us the edge we needed to find our customers. Anyone can make a Facebook ad and boost it. What Peter offers is expertise in finding your target audience, capturing their information and connecting you with them while they are in an emotional buying state…“

John Wisniewski

How it Works

Get leads fast while growing your own brand through paid Facebook Ads.

An illustration that shows the progression from targeting, to running ads, to capturing leads, and priming the leads with a video

1. Target

Reach homeowners in your direct market with local targeting and work with us to create a winning strategy to generate kitchen remodeling leads.

2. Attract

We’ll build and run a combination of ad copy, images, and targeting options that’s designed to attract your ideal customers.

3. Convert

We’ll turn your audience into interested, high-quality leads with convincing ads that highlight your unique selling points. 

4. Prime

Your brand new leads will be primed with a high-energy, custom sales video to get them excited about working with you.

Advantages of Service Allies Leads

Lead Exclusivity

Leads are generated from your company ads and they are completely yours. We don’t sell leads to third parties or share them between contractors.

Lead Quality

Our system is designed to attract and prime high quality kitchen remodeling leads. You can normally set appointments with 35% to 50% of our leads and close between 25% to 40%. Please note that these numbers reflect good, consistent follow-up calls & texts.

Lead Volume

Our system is scalable. Although our average client gets around 20 to 60 leads monthly, you can scale as high as your market will allow. Service areas with a million or more people can usually scale up to 100-150 leads per month.

Launch Speed

It normally only takes 1-3 days after launch to start seeing leads. Because of our extensive experience with home improvement companies, we’ve learned what converts views into leads. (Note that new campaigns typically take 7 days to set up and launch.)

Sell More Jobs with our Lead Management Dashboard

An image of a phone and a laptop with the service allies lead management dashboard pulled up


Call new leads right away with instant text, email, and app notifications


Schedule appointments with customers and run automated appointment reminders


Take notes, mark sold jobs, and track your return on investment

Or, Use Your Own

We can automatically push new leads to any software that connects with Zapier or that uses Webhooks. Almost all major platforms have this capability including these:

A small black and white photo for the builder prime softwareA small black and white photo for Job NimbusA small black and white photo for pipedriveA small black and white photo for the contractor foreman softwareA small black and white photo for the market sharp softwareA small black and white photo for the housecall pro softwareA small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for the high level softwareA small black and white photo for the builder acculynx software

Case Studies

Service Allies has successfully helped companies just like yours!

These contractors in Orlando, FL generated 957 exclusive leads through Service Allies

A group of Orlando, FL contractors work together with Service Allies to get 957 restoration leads with projects that can be covered through homeowners insurance.

Brian from Denver, Colorado generated $800,000 through Service Allies

A Denver, CO company used Service Allies' exclusive lead generation program to get generate $800,000 in luxury kitchen and bath sales

New Jersey remodeler sells $189,000 in new projects within a few months

New Jersey remodeler gets high quality kitchen remodel leads and becomes a long standing client

A Video From the Owner

Peter talks about our kitchen leads and typical results.

More About Kitchen Remodel Leads

With the average kitchen remodeling project being $25,000 to $70,000, kitchen remodeling leads provide an unusually high return on investment. In our experience, demand for kitchen remodelers is high. If you do quality work in a timely manner, the odds are stacked in your favor!

If you’re looking for more specialized kitchen leads, we’ve got you covered. For example, one of our new clients in New Jersey sells cabinets. They use measure and design as an in-the-door approach to get new customers. We have successfully generated over 103 leads for them.

Here are a few things that will help you get even better results:

  • Availability to start and/or complete kitchen projects quickly
  • Project photos with good angles and views. (If you don’t have any available, we have our own gallery of high-converting stock photos.)
  • Offering free 3D designs as an in-the-door approach
  • 5-star reviews from customers who hired you for kitchen remodels
  • An established, effective sales process
A newly remodeled, beautiful kitchen with a waterfall countertop on the island.

Why Service Allies?

We get exceptional results through exceptional focus

Service Allies focuses on one thing: getting quality leads for home improvement contractors through paid Facebook ads.

This level of attention allows us to be thorough, streamlined, and most importantly, to get good results for our clients. Learn more about us.

Pricing Information

We don’t sell our services on a per-lead basis. Instead, you give us a monthly budget to manage, and we work to get you as many good leads as possible within that budget. The average lead comes in for about $50 in ad spend. We have separate fees to run our system

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