Get 20+ Kitchen Remodeling Leads Every Month

Looking for more kitchen remodeling leads for your remodeling business? Service Allies offers a lead generation program to help you get leads and promote your business simultaneously.

Start getting leads within DAYS!
Get 20-40 Quality Kitchen Leads Monthly
Grow Your Local Reputation
And more!

Service Allies’ Facebook Ads program gives contractors the opportunity to focus on the types of remodel projects they want to take on. If you want kitchen leads, bath leads, or basement leads, we can create specialized advertising campaigns to reach homeowners who are looking for each type of remodeling project.

Because Facebook Ads are a pay-to-play system, you’ll start getting in front of local homeowners immediately. When we launch a new client, kitchen remodeling leads begin coming in within 3 days. This page will give you more details on how the program works as well as case studies of results we’ve gotten before.

How it Works

To generate prospective customers looking for a kitchen remodel, we first get access to your Facebook page, or create one for you. We then set up a combination of ad copy, images, targeting, and a landing page.

A Facebook Ad is basically a Facebook post with a “sponsored’ label on the top, and you can choose demographics and targeting to determine who will see these ads. Prospects in your area looking for a kitchen remodel will see the ads and fill out a form, becoming a lead. We set all of this up to generate kitchen remodel leads on your behalf. 

We also set up an account in HighLevel on your behalf (an automation & lead management software.) You will get a text notification when a new lead comes in so that you know you have a new prospect looking for a kitchen remodel. 

Most Remodeling companies aren’t running Facebook Ads. This makes it a powerful niche market without much competition. This may change in time, as more companies discover its capabilities and start running their own ads. 

Leads are Exclusive

Service Allies is not a lead distributor. Many lead companies work by advertising their own brand, getting leads to reach out for a kitchen remodel, and then sell those leads to one or more local remodeling companies. Service Allies sets up and runs ads from your company, allowing you to get exclusive leads that belong only to you.

Leads are Specialized

A strong advantage of Facebook is that you have more control over the types of leads you get, based on the messaging you put in the ad. The vast majority of the leads provided by Service Allies are leads looking for a kitchen remodel (or whatever the ad was intended to generate) instead of handyman projects or other types of projects you don’t want. This allows you to focus on the types of remodeling projects (kitchens, for example) that are most profitable to you!

Leads are Pre-Screened

Lead quality can be improved with pre-screening questions. For example, you could ask “how old is your kitchen,” “what is your desired budget,” or other questions to help qualify the leads that you get. In our experience, the mere presence of these questions tends to improve lead quality.

Normally, when we launch a new client, we leave the ads more open to see what our starting lead quality is. In some cases, the starting quality is great, so filtering leads will only make lead costs higher without improving quality. Success with generating remodel leads comes from a process of trial and error, as different strategies work best in different markets.

You can Scale Lead Volume

With Facebook, you pay for impressions (views.) A small percentage of people who see your ad will fill out the form and become a lead. The more impressions, the more leads. If you decide you need more than 20-40 leads per month, you can ask us to increase your ad budget to increase the amount of leads that come in. If your market has a decent population (over 300,000), you will have some room to scale up your ad budget and get more leads each month.

You Get a Free Digital Billboard

In addition to getting leads, Facebook has great value for brand awareness. Your business will be shown to ten thousand or more people each month who may be in the market for a renovation at some point, even if they aren’t at the moment. The added brand value helps generate referrals and helps to amplify your other marketing sources.

Automated Text & Email

Calling leads back quickly will help you get more appointments booked and give you the opportunity to close more renovation projects. To help you in this, we set up a system called HighLevel on your behalf that sends text and email notifications when you have a new lead. This system also sends out an auto-response to the lead, in case you aren’t able to call back immediately.

This system is also good for tracking. Knowing which leads are turning into booked appointments and sales will help us know which campaigns are the most profitable for your business to run. 

Seamless Integration

We can integrate with most software programs on the market and automatically send leads to them. This helps you avoid double data entry. If you want to know if we can integrate with your specific software, ask them if they can create new leads with a Zapier or Webhook integration. 

Here are a few of the programs we integrate with: 

  • HouseCall Pro
  • PipeDrive
  • JobNimbus
  • Market Sharp
  • Jobber
  • AccuLynx
  • Contractor Foreman
  • Builder Prime
  • HighLevel
  • Google Sheets

Remodeling Businesses with an Advantage

In our experience, you’ll have more success on our kitchen remodeling leads program if one or more of the following are true: 

  • You offer 3D renderings for kitchen design
  • You offer free consultations
  • You can get projects done more quickly than competitors in your market
  • You have plenty of photos of real projects (cell phone photos work well), especially before and afters
  • You have 10+ 5 star reviews

Pricing Information

Most leads cost between $30 to $80 each for our clients. This cost is determined by how much ad spend is required for each form submission. This cost is in addition to our monthly management fee.

Why Service Allies?

Service Allies is run by Peter Lewis and Ben Lewis. Peter has advertised for home service and home improvement contractors for the past 5 years, helping to generate over $23 Million in sales for his clients. Ben owns several construction companies, including a streamlined remodeling company that specializes in basement finishes. Our respective experience is a powerful combination for serving the unique needs of the remodeling industry! 

Our style of advertising is to find out what the market needs and help meet those needs; we don’t play games with bait and switch tactics or similar manipulative practices. Our mission is to be your ally in providing good service to your customers!

A huge benefit of working with Service Allies is that you’ll be working directly with Peter, who has all the experience and can quickly offer support or make changes. For pricing information, or to set up a full demo, call Peter at (717) 636-2751 or click here to schedule a time.