New Jersey remodeler sells $189,000 in new projects within a few months

January 30, 2024

New Jersey remodeler gets high quality kitchen remodel leads and becomes a long standing client


A brand new remodeler based in New Jersey was looking for a way to quickly grow their kitchen-focused remodeling business.

They built a streamlined process to get kitchen remodels done within just two weeks, and they needed to fill up their pipeline with leads who were a fit for their service. With strong sales experience, the owners knew that once they had the leads, they could handle the sales. 

They also needed leads to go directly to their own CRM, in addition to using the Service Allies lead management system. We set this up for them as well.

Getting Launched

We started with two main ad campaigns.

One ad campaign focused on the fact that they wanted to take on new kitchen projects right away, and had immediate availability.

The other campaign focused on offering free 3D renderings.


After tracking results for a while, it became clear that almost all the sales appointments and closed deals were coming from the immediate availability campaign.

Within just a few months they had secured $189,000 in kitchen remodel sales and had their pipeline full of projects. Later, I heard about a deal worth roughly $50,000 closing down as well. 

Results stopped being tracked in the Service Allies lead management system. However, at one point I heard that they were booking 40% of their leads and closing 60%!