Home Improvement Marketing

updated december, 4 2023


Our results-driven marketing program for home improvement companies will allow you to get your own leads within days. If you don’t want to rely on third party lead companies, but don’t want to wait 3-6 months for SEO to kick in, this program might be just what you’ve been looking for. 

Service Allies’ Facebook & Instagram ads program allows you to advertise your own business, control the types of leads you get, and feel your phone vibrate with new lead notifications within 3 days of launch.

Typical Results

1 to 3 Days

Time to start getting leads

$30 to $70

Average lead cost

20 to 60 leads

Average monthly lead volume

Marketing Case Studies

Service Allies has experience getting results for a variety of home improvement companies. Here are some of their results.

A picture of a newly paved driveway.

Pennsylvania Paving Company

Estimated Revenue Added

This Pennsylvania paving company was looking for a way to utilize Facebook and Instagram Ads to grow their business, so they signed up with Service Allies in March of 2023. Since that time, their ads have been seen 763,003 times by 166,513 people. They've received over 450 leads. Their average ticket is between $2,000 to $6,000, and I was recently informed their booking rate is 90-95% and close rate is 70%!

High-End Illinois Remodeler

Revenue Added

This Illinois remodeler stopped using their other marketing sources after signing on with Service Allies' marketing program. The last reported figure was $750,000 in revenue from Service Allies leads. This remodeler still has several deals in the pipeline, and 150+ leads to follow up with!

A newly remodeled, beautiful kitchen with a waterfall countertop on the island.
A look inside of a ceiling with water damage to the ceiling joists.

Orlando Restoration Contractors

Total Leads Generated

A group of restoration contractors in Orlando, Florida hired Service Allies to do their marketing in December of 2021. Since that time, they've received 957 prospects from their Service Allies marketing campaigns!

Pennsylvania Basement Finish Company

Revenue Added

A specialized Pennsylvania basement-finish company was looking for a supplemental marketing source to help them get more leads. We set up their CRM, trained their team, and generated basement leads that resulted in over $470,000 in basement project sales alone!

A photo of a finished basement

Who This Marketing Program is For

Our marketing program is geared towards high-ticket home improvement companies like remodelers, pavers, fencing companies, etc.

Since homeowners take time to think about these items, it gives us a large time window to get in front of them with Facebook ads. This makes Facebook ads a very powerful and cost effective way to market these types of services.

Here are some examples of the types of companies we work with.

  • Remodeling
  • Cabinets
  • Restoration
  • Fencing
  • Paving
  • Pergolas
  • Garage Doors
  • Landscaping
  • Decks
  • Painting
  • Foundations
A photo collage of several different types of home improvement contractors.

How Our Marketing Works

We Run Facebook & Instagram Ads

We set up Facebook & Instagram ads to reach homeowners who are looking for home improvement services. We advertise for the types of projects you’re looking for and control the messaging to attract high quality leads.

We Prime Leads with a Sales Video

We record a sales video on behalf of your company to give customers more confidence in moving forward with you. This gives them a more personal connection with your company and gives us a chance to set expectations. This additional nurturing step improves lead quality and helps you turn more leads into paying customers.

Automatic Emails & Texts

Using the Service Allies CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool, we’ll send automatic emails and texts to your leads. This automatic engagement gives you another touchpoint to connect with your leads. Furthermore, using our CRM, we can send you and your team new lead notifications so that you can respond as quickly as possible. Alternatively, if you already have your own CRM, we can push new leads into it automatically.

A picture of a Facebook ad with an arrow to a sales video landing page with an arrow to a CRM.

Schedule a Call

Interested in working with us? Schedule a short phone call to see if Service Allies is right for you.

Types of Marketing for Home Improvement Companies

What’s the right marketing strategy for your business? Here are a few options along with their pros and cons. 

Please note that Service Allies only provides paid Facebook & Instagram ads services, which is responsible for the results in the case studies mentioned above. However, if you also need a website, SEO, or other services, there are a lot of good companies who will be glad to help.

Website Design

Websites are a great way to showcase your work and demonstrate that you’re a trustworthy, experienced home improvement company. However, a new website alone won’t produce leads. You need a source of traffic to get prospects to see your website in the first place.


SEO is a powerful strategy to get high quality home improvement leads. That being said, it can take 3-12 months to start getting leads from SEO efforts, even if you have a competent SEO company.

Social Media Marketing

Posting on your personal social media profile and in community groups can help you get a few free leads when you start your business. And creating a business page will help you share your work and demonstrate that you’re a thriving business. But it takes a long time to build a social media following big enough to regularly produce leads on a monthly basis.

Paid Facebook &Instagram Ads

Paid Facebook & Instagram Ads allow you to get in front of thousands of homeowners immediately. That’s why you can get leads right away. Since there’s no waiting period for your ad to get so much traffic, a well-constructed ad will get a small percentage of homeowners to raise their hand for home improvement services. Writing, managing, and targeting these well-constructed ads is what Service Allies specializes in.

Exclusive Lead Companies

There are several companies out there who provide exclusive leads. These companies advertise their own brand, and send those leads to one contractor only within a designated area, or employ a round-robin approach to make sure only one contractor gets the leads. Since they already have established lead systems, they can start getting leads immediately. However, these services don’t give you the chance to grow your reputation by advertising your own business.

Shared Lead Companies

Shared lead platforms get homeowners to reach out to them and sell that homeowner’s information to several different contractors that they work with in the area. While you can start getting leads right away, it may be difficult to compete for them. You also won’t have the opportunity to grow your own brand.

Why it Works

Industry Focus

Our focus on home improvement companies and our understanding of the industry gives Service Allies a leading edge in advertising effectively. We understand how to reach homeowners, connect with them, and drive high-ticket sales.

Advertising Specialty

Rather than being spread too thin between branding, websites, SEO, Social Media, and other services, we make our time and effort count by being laser-focused on our own specialized marketing program. After generating over $23,000,000 in home improvement sales with this program, I have a rare level of experience and confidence to get results.

Geared Towards Results

Results drive our decision making as we manage your ad campaigns. We look at your sold projects to see which ad campaign, ad set, and image was responsible for that sale. This informs what we say in the ads and what images we use. By keeping our eyes on the numbers, we’re able to manage your ad spend wisely and gear the budget towards what’s actually working.

Proactive Involvement

We carefully monitor all of our client accounts by reviewing ad campaign results on a twice-per-week basis. This diligence allows us to quickly make adjustments when leads begin to taper off to keep your ad campaigns pumping out fresh leads.

An All-in-One Solution

We offer an all-in-one solution to help you get leads, nurture them, and turn them into paying customers. Here’s what our system includes.

Lead Generation

We set up and manage ads that are designed to pull in the types of projects you’re looking for. For our average client, we typically get about 20-60 leads each month. This is a completely done-for-you service that doesn’t require your active involvement.

Lead Nurturing

We set up automatic emails and texts that serve as auto responders and appointment reminders. This nurturing helps keep your leads engaged, recognize you when you call, and be ready when it’s time for your sales appointment. Most importantly, it increases the average lead quality and your likelihood of selling the project!

Appointment Setter Training

When leads aren’t handled well, you can’t expect to make sales. We help solve this problem by training you and your team how to call leads, follow-up, and set appointments. This will give you the knowledge and tools you need to make the most out of all the sales opportunities you get.

An illustration that shows how the service allies program is all encompassing
A graphic of a man using a phone to leave a 5-star review on a business.

Build Your Reputation

Build your reputation by immediately getting your ads in front of 10,000+ people every month. These ads can include pictures of your work, pictures of your team, or shining reviews your customers have given you. Also, using our CRM system, you’ll be able to generate reviews by sending out review requests.

Get Leads Right Away

Since Facebook & Instagram ads allow you to get in front of so many eyeballs so quickly, you won’t have to wait long to start seeing results and giving estimates on real projects. In the 5 year history of this ads program, leads have always started coming in within 1-3 days.

A screenshot of a CRM with leads in the new leads stage on a sales pipeline.
A picture of a man at a computer looking at his marketing results

Track Your Return on Investment

It’s important to know what results you’re getting from your marketing efforts. Our CRM system allows you to not only manage your leads and set appointments, but quickly track your ROI. All the leads that we generate are automatically ported into the CRM and tagged, so you’ll know they came from us. This will help you see precisely how much revenue you’ve generated from Service Allies leads.

Appointment Setter Training

To get the best results out of your marketing, it’s important to follow up with leads on a consistent basis, have confidence when you call them, and to try a few different approaches. Tracking your leads also helps you prioritize your efforts. 

Since marketed home improvement leads are never as easy to book and sell as referrals, they aren’t something that you can put on the back burner and expect results to magically happen. It takes attention and effort.

That’s why along with our program we include appointment setter training, for either you or your staff, to know how to get ahold of, qualify, and schedule sales appointments with our home improvement leads.

A picture of a women on the phone setting an appointment with a customer

Getting Started

Interested in getting started with Service Allies? Here's what the process looks like.

1. Live Demo

We’ll start with a meeting to go over your target area, ad campaigns to run, and we’ll get access to your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, we can easily create one for you.

2. Onboarding

On this call, we’ll get some information from you, strategize on how to advertise, and get access to your Facebook page. Please note that if you don’t have a Facebook page already, we can easily create one for you.

3. Launch Call

7 days after onboarding, we’ll launch your ads. On the day we launch, we’ll also have a launch call to train you and your team on a few aspects of the program. Leads will start coming in within 1-3 days after launch.

A picture collage illustrating the onboarding, building, and launching phase that new clients go through

Why Service Allies?


Service Allies specializes in helping home improvers get leads and turn those leads into revenue. Rather than being spread thin between industries and services, our laser-focus allows us to be exceptional at what we do.

Track Record

The owner, Peter, has personally worked with home improvement companies on their advertising efforts for 5 years. Him and his teams have helped generate over $23,000,000 for home improvement contractors.


We offer a proactive approach to marketing that focuses on what gets you results. Also, we run ads that are professional, honest, and get the point across without being pushy. We don't engage in deceptive or high-pressure advertising tactics.


Since we specialize in paid social media ads only, our program can be run alongside any other marketing you're doing. In fact, it will compliment it. You won't need to rebuild your website or switch all your marketing services over to us. You can add us right into the mix.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to start seeing results?

A. After your Facebook & Instagram ads go live, you’ll start getting leads within 3 days. How long it takes to run estimates and make sales will depend on your sales cycle. We typically see the first project sales happen between 20 to 40 days after launch.

Q. What if I don’t already have a Facebook page?

A. If you don’t already have a Facebook page, we can quickly create one for you without charging anything extra.

Q. What if I don’t already have a website?

A. We can still start getting leads right away. A website is a great sales tool, so we recommend getting one when you can, but you’ll still be able to get results on our program without one.

Q. How will your program work with my other marketing efforts?

A. A percentage of homeowners who see your ads will look for you on Google, visit your website, or check out your social media page. This means that in addition to getting leads, you’ll enjoy a boost to your other marketing efforts.

Q. Are your leads exclusive?

A. Yes. Ads are run from your business page, and when customers fill out their information, they’re requesting a call from you specifically. Each lead we get will automatically be dropped into your CRM, and yours only.

Q. What is a CRM System?

A. CRM just means Customer Relationship Management. It’s a fancy term for a software that allows you to manage leads, set appointments, run email marketing campaigns, and more. We’ll set up our CRM for your company, or, if you already have one, we’ll send our leads there instead.

Q. Do you work with other industries?

A. To be streamlined and get the best possible results for our clients, we are laser-focused on serving home improvement companies. This means that rather than spending our time figuring out how to get results for every new client, we already know what to do. And the extra time we have allows us to refine our system and make it better and better.

Q. Do you offer other services?

A. Instead of being a marketing generalist, we specialize in a unique system that has been proven to work many times over. The beauty of our marketing system is that it works hand in hand with every other digital marketing effort. Meaning, if you want to work with us, you can add us right into the mix without switching your marketing company.

Q. Do I need to provide photos of my work?

A. Usually it’s not necessary. We have a collection of stock photos that work very well to get homeowners interested. However, the sooner you start getting quality photos of your work, the better your marketing efforts will be in general.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The typical budget for ad spend that we recommend is between $1000 to $3000 per month. Since the average lead cost is around $50, this budget will get you between 20-60 leads. Service Allies also charges a setup fee and management fee. For more information on our management fees, please schedule a phone call.