Looking for more bathroom remodeling leads? Get exclusive, high-quality leads while building your local reputation at the same time. 

Get leads within 1-3 days!
20-60 bath remodel leads every month
Lead & market exclusivity
Build your local reputation
A graphic showing leads coming from an ad and going into a pipeline stage on a CRM.
A graphic showing a facebook ad, 3 leads coming from the ad, and entering into a crm system.

How it Works

To generate prospective customers looking for a bath remodel, we first get access to your Facebook page, or create one for you. We then set up a combination of ad copy, images, targeting, and a landing page.

A Facebook Ad is basically a Facebook post with a “sponsored’ label on the top, and you can choose demographics and targeting to determine who will see these ads. Prospects in your area looking for a bath remodel will see the ads and fill out a form, becoming a lead. We set all of this up to generate bathroom remodel leads on your behalf.

We also set up an account in HighLevel on your behalf (an automation & lead management software.) You will get a text notification when a new lead comes in so that you know you have a new prospect looking for a bath remodel.

Most Remodeling companies aren’t running Facebook Ads. This makes it a powerful niche market without much competition. This may change in time, as more companies discover its capabilities and start running their own ads.

Bathroom Leads Case Study

NJ shower installation company adds $173,000 in revenue

A New Jersey company was looking for a way to get more leads for their tub-to-shower conversions. They specialize in installing Luxury Bath showers, and keeping their sales pipeline full is crucial to their business. After starting with Service Allies, they generated $173,000 in sales from our leads.

A picture inside of a bathroom with a luxurious gray walk-in shower.

Service Allies Lead Advantages

At Service Allies, our leads are...


An illustration showing a picture with 'your ads' written on it and a picture with 'your leads' written on it to show that bath remodelers get their own lead

Service Allies is not a lead distributor. Many lead companies work by advertising their own brand, getting leads to reach out for a bath remodel, and then sell those leads to one or more local remodeling companies. Service Allies sets up and runs ads from your company, allowing you to get exclusive leads that belong only to you.


A picture of 3 cards with a toilet icon demonstrating we can focus on a specific type of leads, like bathroom remodel leads.

A strong advantage of Facebook is that you have more control over the types of leads you get, based on the messaging you put in the ad. The vast majority of the leads provided by Service Allies are leads looking for a bath remodel (or whatever the ad was intended to generate) instead of handyman projects or other types of projects you don’t want. This allows you to focus on the types of remodeling projects (baths, for example) that are most profitable to you!


An illustrative graphic demonstrating that the volume of leads can be scaled.

With Facebook, you pay for impressions (views.) A small percentage of people who see your ad will fill out the form and become a lead. The more impressions, the more leads. If you decide you need more than 20-40 leads per month, you can ask us to increase your ad budget to increase the amount of leads that come in. If your market has a decent population (over 300,000), you will have some room to scale up your ad budget and get more leads each month.

Your Digital Billboard

Get 30,000 to 70,000 impressions every month while the leads pour in.

In addition to getting leads, Facebook has great value for brand awareness. Your business will be shown 30,000-70,000 times each month who may be in the market for a renovation at some point, even if they aren’t at the moment. The added brand value helps generate referrals and helps to amplify your other marketing sources.

A mobile phone scrolling past a Facebook ad for a kitchen remodel quote.

Automated Text & Email

Calling leads back quickly will help you get more appointments booked and give you the opportunity to close more bathroom renovation projects. To help you in this, we set up a system called HighLevel on your behalf that sends text and email notifications when you have a new lead. This system also sends out an auto-response to the lead, in case you aren’t able to call back immediately.This system is also good for tracking. Knowing which leads are turning into booked appointments and sales will help us know which campaigns are the most profitable for your business to run.

A cropped screenshot of a list of leads with their names, emails, and phone numbers blurred out, and dates that the leads came in.

Dedicated Ads Management

We regularly check up on, make adjustments to, and split test your ad campaigns to make sure you keep getting lots of leads. We also pay attention to what’s happening on the back end with your sales, and focus campaign budgets on what’s actually working well for you.
We do this on a regular twice-per-week basis. With Service Allies, your lead generation ad campaigns are in good hands!

A man sitting at a computer working on Facebook ad campaigns

Convenient Monthly Reporting

You won’t have to guess what we’re doing to help you get quality bathroom remodeling leads. We keep track of all your campaign optimizations in a Google Doc. This doc, along with an ad spend summary, will be sent to you at the beginning of each new calendar month.

An Innovative Approach

We’re always looking for new ways to make our ad campaigns more cost effective while producing high-quality leads.

To do this, we break down our marketing funnel and look at how we can improve each stage individually. The images, headlines, and ad body are optimized to speak to your ideal customer, while the calls to action and offering are designed to get them to reach out to you. We work on each step one-by-one to help you get the most out of your ad spend budget.

We Focus on One Thing

Service Allies is laser focused on generating home improvement leads with paid social media ads. The same program we’ll be launching to help you get bath remodel leads has been responsible for generating over $23,000,000 in home improvement revenue. You’ll be starting with campaigns that have already been proven to work.

Also, since we only do paid social media ads (specifically Facebook) we’re not spread thin between a large variety of marketing services. This means a faster, more streamlined operation with less hiccups.

How our Program Compares to Other Programs

Most marketing companies offer a complete package that involves a website, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Management. Service Allies is unique in that we specialize in one area where we shine - Paid Social Media ads.

Paid social media allows you to show up right in your customers’ Facebook or Instagram feed in the local areas you choose, with your offer and your message. We’ve seen it work over and over again for a variety of home improvement companies, and we’ve decided to make it our core offering. This helps us stay streamlined while getting the best results for our clients possible.

Our program allows you to start getting leads right away without you having to switch your website, SEO, etc., over to our company.

We also include a pre-sales video and a lead management system to make your lead generation efforts more effective and help you sell more bath projects!

Get Leads Sent to your Software Automatically

We can integrate with most software programs on the market and automatically send leads to them. This helps you avoid double data entry. If you want to know if we can integrate with your specific software, ask them if they can create new leads with a Zapier or Webhook integration. 

Here are a few of the programs we integrate with: 

A small black and white photo for the builder prime softwareA small black and white photo for Job NimbusA small black and white photo for pipedriveA small black and white photo for the contractor foreman softwareA small black and white photo for the market sharp softwareA small black and white photo for the housecall pro softwareA small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for the high level softwareA small black and white photo for the builder acculynx software

How We Get High Quality Bath Leads

Lead quality, or more accurately, the likeliness of the lead to buy from you, is determined by three different factors.

1. Lead Qualification

If a lead is in the market, is located within the bounds of your service area, and has money to purchase your service, they’re a qualified lead. This alone doesn’t determine that they’ll buy from you, but it’s obviously important. To get you qualified leads, we place a lot of importance on the messaging and images we use in our ads, which platforms ads show up on, and the targeting we use.

2. Trust for Your Business

People buy from people they know, like, and trust. Referrals, contrary to leads, are basically pre-sold customers who are coming to you to have their order taken. Leads, on the other hand, need to be sold on your business. We create a sales video on your behalf that we show to new leads after they submit their information. This gives them a human connection with your business and get them primed to talk to you.

3. Communication with Your Business

Communication is something we help with as well. Our CRM system sends automated texts and emails for new leads and for appointment reminders. This helps you stay top of mind for new prospects and helps increase your chances of closing the sale.

Remodeling Businesses with an Advantage

In our experience, you’ll have more success on our bath remodeling leads program if one or more of the following are true:

  • You offer free consultations
  • You can get projects done more quickly than competitors in your market
  • You have plenty of photos of real projects (cell phone photos work well), especially before and afters
  • You have 10+ 5 star reviews

Pricing Information

Most leads cost between $30 to $80 each for our clients. This cost is determined by how much ad spend is required for each form submission. This cost is in addition to our monthly management fee.

Why Service Allies?

Service Allies is run by Peter Lewis. Peter has advertised for home service and home improvement contractors for the past 5 years, helping to generate over $23 Million in sales for his clients.

Our style of advertising is to find out what the market needs and help meet those needs; we don’t play games with bait and switch tactics or similar manipulative practices. Our mission is to be your ally in providing good service to your customers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How soon can you start getting leads?

A. After we launch ads for our new clients, leads come in within 1-3 days. We’re about to generate leads so quickly because with our program you’re buying a massive amount of impressions (30,000 - 70,000 monthly) and we’ve optimized our ads to generate leads effectively.

Q. Will I need to pause other marketing efforts?

A. No. Service Allies works hand in hand with other marketing efforts and even compliments them. We’re not a website or SEO company, so you won’t need to switch everything over to us. Instead, we specialize in paid social media ads, specifically Facebook. When your local homeowners see you on Facebook, a percentage of them will take a look at your website as well.

Q. Will it work in my market?

A. It works in the vast majority of markets. The main factor is how densely populated your area is. If you have a service area with 500,000 - 1,000,000 in it, you’ll be in good shape. Around 250,000 is also acceptable, but you may not be able to scale up your lead volume.

Q. What is lead quality like?

A. We can control the messaging, images, and targeting of the ads, which allows us to get high quality leads. With good lead follow-up, you should be able to get a hold of 60% to 80% of the leads and book about half of that number.

Q. Do I have to use your CRM?

A. No, we can automatically port our leads into your CRM if that works better for you.

Q. What if I’m not on Facebook?

A. No problem. We can set up a brand new Facebook page with your business name to start getting you leads and helping you grow your business reputation.

Q. How many leads can I get each month?

A. Our average clients get around 20 to 60 leads per month, but this can be scaled much higher - especially in bigger markets. With enough budget, you can get 100 to 200 leads monthly.

Q. Are your leads exclusive?

A. The leads are 100% exclusive to you and your business. They are generated from your business name, and are only sent to your lead management system (or the lead management login we create for you.)

Q. Do you get other types of leads?

A. Yes - we generate leads for kitchen remodeling and basement finishing as well. We also generate leads for other types of home improvement services.

Q. How are you different from lead companies?

Lead companies run their own marketing to their own websites, and then redistribute those leads to contractors. Some of them provide exclusive leads, and some send the same lead to several different contractors. The main disadvantage with lead companies is that it’s not your brand being advertised - it’s the lead companies’ brand. Our program allows you to start getting leads very quickly while advertising your own brand at the same time. You also have much more control over the types of leads you get, lead quality, and the messaging that’s being put out there.

Q. How do I get started?

To get started, schedule a demo session. I’ll answer any remaining questions you have, go over pricing with you, and set up a time for an onboarding meeting. We usually launch ads about 7 days after the onboarding meeting, and leads begin coming in 1-3 days after launch.

Schedule a Call

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