Quality, exclusive home improvement leads within days of launch.

Looking for a way to generate your own leads and avoid third party lead providers?  Here's what we can offer.

20 - 60+ exclusive leads every month!
Start getting new leads immediately (within 1-3 days of launch)
Grow your reputation by generating leads from your own brand
Track results and schedule appointments with our lead management system!

Types of Home Improvement Leads we Generate

We can successfully generate leads for most types of high-ticket, non-urgent home improvement services. This includes remodeling, paving, restoration, fences, etc. We focus on high-ticket services (above $5000) because these services tend to provide the best return on advertising investment. We focus on non-urgent home improvement because it's what we seem to have the most success on Facebook with. Below are a few examples of the types of leads we generate.

A photo collage of various types of home improvement projects including pergolas, kitchen remodels, fences, pools., and more.

Kitchen Remodels

Whether you're looking for kitchen update leads or full scale remodels, we can help! Kitchen leads typically come in for between $30 - $70 in ad spend.

Bath Remodels

We generate a variety of bath remodel leads. Some of our clients are looking for customers who want full-scale luxury bath remodels, and other clients are looking for tub to shower conversion customers. We have experience generating both, and already know the ads, images, and targeting methods to use to get the right leads.

Basement Finishes

Basement finishes are a high ticket project where you can mostly avoid the customer being in your hair and vice versa. We can help you get between 20-60 basement leads every month. Here's a case study of a company that we successfully generated basement leads for.

Home Additions

Does your remodeling business do home additions? We can help you generate leads and fill up your pipeline with home addition sales.


If you install vinyl or chain link fences and want to grow your business, our lead generation program is a great source. Our current average lead cost for exclusive fence leads is only $25 in ad spend.


If you need another source for paving leads and want to get your name out there, we can help you by setting up a lead generation and pre-sales funnel. Reach out today! Here's a company that we successfully generated paving leads for.

How it works

Generating leads through Facebook ads

To generate your leads, we’ll create and manage Facebook ads on your company’s behalf. To do this, we will get access to your business Facebook page, and manage the ads from the Facebook Ads Manager.

We tell Facebook where to show the ads, and what demographic to show the ads to, and this audience will see your ad pop up in their news feed. Since Instagram is linked to Facebook’s platform, homeowners will see your ads on Instagram as well. Your company name will be displayed as the author of the ad. This will help you grow your brand in addition to getting leads.

At Service Allies, we also work to make your ads as efficient as possible by getting them set up with the right messaging, images, and targeting options to reach your ideal audience and get as many leads as possible. To get homeowners to reach out, we direct them to a Facebook lead form or an external landing page.

A photo collage. The first photo is a screenshot of a geographic targeting area within Facebook ads manager, the second is a screenshot of ad campaigns, and the third is a screenshot of an ad prview.

Managing leads & tracking results

When you start with Service Allies, we’ll provide a login to our lead management system. When a lead fills out a form, they will automatically be dropped into the lead management system for you to call. This is done through a third party company called Zapier, which we use to connect lead forms directly to the software.

This lead system allows you to update leads, make phone calls, schedule sales appointments, and so much more. You even have the capability to send review requests to customers you’ve completed work for. 

Updating leads will let you track your results and move leads along the sales pipeline in a more efficient way. Our goal is to supply the tools you need to book as many sales appointments and make as many sales as possible!

Appointment setter training

After years of generating leads and working with various home improvement companies, we have a solid understanding of appointment setting and sales in addition to lead generation. We offer appointment setter training for you and your team when you start with Service Allies.

This training will walk you through a follow-up schedule, an appointment-setting script, and how to make updates and set appointments in the lead management system.

Our lead management system

Sales pipeline

The sales pipeline has a stage for new leads, booked appointments, disqualified leads, and more. This will make your calling more efficient by allowing you to quickly update the status of leads as you contact them.

Set appointments

We’ll create custom calendars in the software for estimates or inspections. When you set an appointment, the homeowner will receive an auto response as well as automatic reminders leading up to the appointment. This will help your leads be more prepared for your visit and help increase your chances of closing the deal.

Ask for Reviews

After you’ve completed a project, you can request reviews directly from the software. You can also customize what these review requests say by changing the template. From there, you can send requests with the click of a button. If the customer had a negative experience, they are encouraged to send a message. If they had a positive experience, they are encouraged to leave a review.

Automatically sending leads to your own lead management system

Zapier to CRM

If you would rather use your own software system, instead of the Service Allies lead management system, we can automatically port leads into your software with a tool called Zapier. New leads will automatically show up in your software and be tagged as Service Allies leads. 

Most major CRMs and home improvement software companies offer this functionality. The only major known company that doesn’t is BuilderTrend. (Please help us make this happen by requesting this functionality from your BuilderTrend rep.)

Here are some examples of partners we can automatically integrate with:

Timeline & typical results

1. Onboarding

The first step is an in-depth onboarding call. On this call, we’ll talk about locations to run ads in, campaigns, and we’ll get access to your Facebook page. If you don’t already have a Facebook page, we can easily create one for you.

2. Launch

After our onboarding call, we will set up a launch call for 7 days out. On this call, we will provide live training on how to use the CRM and best practices for appointment setting. We will launch your ads on the same day.

3. Leads Within 1-3 days

When we turn your ads on, new leads will start coming in within 1-3 days. With a typical budget, you’ll get between 20-60 leads every month. 

4. Sales Within 20-40 days

After launch, your first sales will typically start coming in within 20-40 days. This is due to sales cycle time; the time it takes to book leads, run the appointments, provide estimates, and for the leads to make the decision to sign up. 

Please note: this information is based on typical timelines and results our clients get. However, we can not, and do not, make any guarantees whatsoever.

Why Service Allies?

I've been generating home improvement leads for almost 5 years now. In that time, I've gotten to know how to reach the right homeowners with the right message to get them to contact your business. If you want to generate your own exclusive home improvement leads, you've come to the right place!

Not only do we have success generating leads, but we understand your business and your customers. We can help you book as many customers as possible by providing you with access to our lead management system and by providing training on setting appointments with marketed leads.


Typical Lead Costs

Lead costs are based on how much ad spend budget it takes to generate 1 lead. If you spend $1500, for example, and generate 30 leads, then your average cost per lead would be $50. Across our client accounts, the average cost per lead is around $50.

Recommended budget

We recommend a starting ad spend budget of $1000 to $1500 at a minimum.

Monthly fee

In addition to the ad spend budget, we have a one-time setup fee and monthly management fee. We would love to provide a live demo of our services and go over pricing with you. Please pick a day & time for a live demo below!

Schedule a Call

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