Marketing For Remodeling

updated november, 27 2023


Service Allies specializes in marketing for remodeling companies. Our results-backed program lets you start getting leads within days while building your own brand long term. 

Our clients typically get 20-60 kitchen, bath, or basement remodeling leads every month on our marketing program.

Service Allies Comparison

Our clients start getting leads between 1-3 days on our program. When you compare that to SEO, social media, and other advertising services, our Facebook Ad program is a great option for companies who are looking to start getting more leads immediately. Also, unlike many lead generation companies, you will have exclusivity with your own leads and the opportunity to build your own company’s brand.

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Service Allies

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Lead Quality Control

There are a few ways we help control lead quality.


The targeting & delivery options that are inputted on Facebook can make a dramatic difference in the quality of the leads.


Think about these two headlines: “are you planning a kitchen remodel?” vs “are you thinking about a kitchen remodel?” These headlines will attract people who are in two different phases of the sales cycle. Messaging has a strong impact on the quality of leads that reach out to you, which is why we take it seriously and do what we can to make sure our ads are speaking to the right audience.


After leads reach out, we immediately redirect them to a sales video for your company that we set up on your behalf. This helps them remember your company when you call, and depending on reviews and pictures we have available to show them, could help your odds of making a sale with that lead.

Tracking Your Results

You’ll want to make sure your marketing campaigns are effective. Our lead management system not only lets you track your results easily, but helps you set appointments, sell jobs, and collect reviews. When you start, we’ll provide training on our system to help you hit the ground running.

A picture of a laptop with the desktop version of the Service Allies CRM pulled up. There is also a smart phone in the foreground that shows the mobile version of the Service Allies CRM.

Our Marketing Results for Remodelers

Here are a few examples of results we've generated for remodeling companies.

Pennsylvania Construction Company

Revenue Added: $470,000+
Campaign Type: Basement Finishes

This Pennsylvania company specializes in basement finishes and was looking for more basement leads. They partnered with Service Allies and started getting leads within a few days of launch!

New Jersey Remodeling Company

Revenue Added: $189,000+
Campaign Type: Kitchen Remodels

A new remodeler in New Jersey signed up with Service Allies along with a few other lead sources to jump start their business. Within a few months, they had generated $189,000 from Service Allies leads alone!

Illinois Luxury Remodel Company

Revenue Added: $750,000+
Campaign Type: Luxury Kitchens & Basements

This Illinois remodeler stopped using their other marketing sources after signing on with Service Allies' marketing program. The last reported figure was $750,000 in revenue from Service Allies leads. This remodeler still has several deals in the pipeline, and 150+ leads to follow up with, so that number is likely to be much higher soon!

Proactive Ad Management

When your ads are in our hands, you’ll barely need to think about it. This is because we’re not expecting you to tell us which offers to run, images to use, or new things to try. We take a proactive approach and make updates to your campaigns as needed to get you the highest returns at the lowest investment.

We look through our client accounts on a twice-per-week basis to check things out. Is there a drop in leads? We’re on it with a new image, headline, or targeting test. Still no leads for a while? We’ll call you to share our ideas and see if there’s something new we can try. Are you getting a steady stream of leads at a low lead cost? We’re not going to touch it. With Service Allies at the wheel, you can put your seat down and take a nap.



We’ll start with a meeting to go over your target area, ad campaigns to run, and we’ll get access to your Facebook page. If you don’t have a Facebook page, we can easily create one for you.


Typically, we launch ads one week after onboarding. We have a launch meeting with you and your team to provide training on the lead management system and lead follow-up. Leads typically start coming in within 1-3 days.

Track Sales

It takes a little time to set appointments, provide estimates, and for customers to decide to pull the trigger. Typically, with Service Allies leads, we see the first sales start coming in around 20 to 40 days after we launch.

Ongoing Management

We provide ongoing ad campaign management on a weekly basis to ensure you get the best return on investment from your ads. This includes checking out sales and appointments in your lead management system as well as making targeting, ad copy, and creative updates to the ads themselves.

Pricing Breakdown

Ad Spend

During onboarding, you’ll give us a monthly budget for ad spend. This ad spend goes directly to Facebook and is billed to you directly from Facebook. Typically, you’ll get an average of 1 remodeling lead for every $50 in ad spend. If your monthly budget is $1500, you should get around 30 leads.

Our Fees

Service Allies charges a setup fee to build your ads and lead management system, and an ongoing management fee for our proactive weekly management. We cover these items in our live demo session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to start getting leads?

A. It takes us about a week to set up your ad campaigns and lead management system. After we launch, leads typically start coming in within 1-3 days.

Q. What is the quality of the leads like?

A. Overall the leads seem to be very good quality. The biggest difference is made by how often and how well your team follows up. This NJ company, for example, reported a 60% booking rate and 40% close rate on their kitchen leads. This paving company reported a 90% book rate and 70% close rate. And this PA company who is advertising for additions has a 37% booking rate.

Q. Do you work with other industries?

A. We work with most types of high ticket home improvement companies that offer non-urgent services. We don’t do anything outside of the home improvement space.

Q. What if I’m not on Facebook or don’t have a business page?

A. No problem - we can easily set up a Facebook business page on your behalf at no extra cost.

Q. Will this interfere with our other marketing efforts?

A. Almost always no. If you are currently posting on social media, doing SEO, running Google Ads, or advertising on billboards, Facebook ads will complement those efforts as another touch point. In addition to generating leads, you’ll have people see your Facebook ads and then search for you on Google, which can be a major boost to your SEO, referrals, and business in general.

The only scenario where it wouldn’t be helpful is if you already have a company running Facebook ads and your market is too small to effectively increase your spending budget.

Q. Will we have to manually enter your leads into our own CRM, booking, or estimating software?

A. In most cases, we can automatically port leads directly into your software. Most major CRMs, lead management systems, appointment software, estimating software, offer a webhook or Zapier integration. This allows us to send Facebook leads through. The only major known software that doesn’t offer this is BuilderTrend. (Please help us by requesting Zapier or Webhook functionality from BuilderTrend.)


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