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Grow Your Reputation and Generate Mold Leads through Paid Facebook Ads

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“Peter has been an absolute asset to our company. He has given us the edge we needed to find our customers. Anyone can make a Facebook ad and boost it. What Peter offers is expertise in finding your target audience, capturing their information and connecting you with them while they are in an emotional buying state…“

John Wisniewski

“Service Allies has been an amazing addition to our lead systems. We have dropped all other marketing services and focused solely on Peter Lewis and his team. Awesome follow up, professional to say the least. I would recommend Service Allies to ANYONE  who is serious about growing their business! Also the leads are better qualified than ever before! …”

Pete Farris

 “... I started with Service Allies last week and the leads that have been generated off our campaign are real and they answer the phone and you can actually set an appointment with them.  Closed my first customer within 1 week.  Already paid for the campaign fees.”

Tim Stark

Highly recommend to anyone out there looking for lead generation and marketing services. Peter is great to work with, provides training on lead management and is accessible.”

Ben Lewis

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Fast Launch

We can help you launch your mold campaigns very quickly. The typical time to set up new campaigns is just 7 days, and after launch, leads typically start coming in within 1-3 days.

High Lead Volume

Whether you're looking for 10-20 leads per month, or hundreds, we can help. If you have a large enough service area, you'll be able to scale your campaigns to become responsible for a major part of your company's revenue.

Build Your Brand

Your mold campaigns will not only get leads, but will be shown to thousands of homeowners in your area every month. This makes your business more recognizable in the local area and can significantly increase your organic referrals and website leads.

Lead Nurturing

We create a high-energy, custom sales video on your mold remediation company's behalf. Leads will be directed to the video after they fill out their information, and it will be designed to build their trust and give them more confidence in your company.

Timeline to Get Started

1. Onboarding

Reaching your ideal customer is important, so we begin by collaborating with you to decide what campaigns to run and where to run them. We learn about your company, make recommendations, and get all the information we need to start building your campaigns.

2. Setup

We will write your ads, decide on images to use, create your sales video, and build everything else that’s needed for your campaigns. The entire setup process normally takes about 7 days.

3. Launch

After setup has been completed, we will have a launch meeting. This meeting is to equip you and your team with what you need to book leads. We will launch your ads the same day, and leads usually start coming in within 1-3 days.

Case Studies

Our results for companies just like yours!

These contractors in Orlando, FL generated 957 exclusive leads through Service Allies

PA paving company gets 457 leads in less than 9 months

A New Jersey Tub to Shower conversion specialist added $173,000 in bath projects

About Facebook Ads Video

Service Allies owner Peter demonstrates our Facebook Ads program.

More about Facebook Ads for Mold Remediation

Mold remediation can be a very profitable service to advertise with Facebook ads. We offer our services to mold remediation contractors. 

Custom Tailored Mold Campaigns

When you start with Service Allies, we’ll learn about your business and the unique value that you bring to the market. We’ll use that information to write a custom ad that is tailored to your specific audience and designed to get the specific type of work you’re after. 

One possible angle to take is to let homeowners know that if they have mold, they may qualify for a new kitchen or bathroom through insurance. If you’re able to help homeowners through this process, this can be a very lucrative campaign to run. 

Getting Quality Leads

There are a few things we do to help you get high quality leads from your ad campaigns:

  1. We ask leads where they have discovered mold or what makes them feel they qualify for insurance. 
  2. We track which campaigns are generating the best results, and focus your budget on these campaigns specifically.
  3. We feature photos that show mold or mold testing, to help connect the dots in your audience's mind.

Why Service Allies?


OYour ideal customers are out there. In order to reach them, the messaging in your ads needs to align with how they’re thinking and what they’re looking for. We point our messaging towards homeowners who are in the market for your service and are close to a buying decision.


Service Allies specializes in serving home improvement contractors. With a solid understanding of this industry, and how homeowners think, we’re able to write ads that effectively generate hundreds of high quality leads.


You’ll never have to be in the dark about what we’re doing for your company. We include a monthly report with a Google document where all our activity on your ad campaigns is reported. 

Market Exclusivity

We only work with one contractor per local area. While you’re working with Service Allies to run ads in your service area, we won’t run ads for any competing contractors in the same market.

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