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Get Your Own Leads for High Ticket Paint Jobs Without Relying on Third Party Lead Companies

Keep your pipeline full with 20 to 60 new leads every month
Get exclusive leads through your own advertising!
Start getting leads within 1-3 days of launch
Use our lead management dashboard to sell more jobs
And get eyes on your business with roughly 30k to 70k views every month!
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“Peter has been an absolute asset to our company. He has given us the edge we needed to find our customers. Anyone can make a Facebook ad and boost it. What Peter offers is expertise in finding your target audience, capturing their information and connecting you with them while they are in an emotional buying state…“

John Wisniewski

“Service Allies has been an amazing addition to our lead systems. We have dropped all other marketing services and focused solely on Peter Lewis and his team. Awesome follow up, professional to say the least. I would recommend Service Allies to ANYONE  who is serious about growing their business! Also the leads are better qualified than ever before! …”

Pete Farris

 “... I started with Service Allies last week and the leads that have been generated off our campaign are real and they answer the phone and you can actually set an appointment with them.  Closed my first customer within 1 week.  Already paid for the campaign fees.”

Tim Stark

Highly recommend to anyone out there looking for lead generation and marketing services. Peter is great to work with, provides training on lead management and is accessible.”

Ben Lewis

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How Our Painting Leads Program Works

We get exclusive leads for your company using paid Facebook ads and prime them with a sales video.

An illustration that shows the progression from targeting, to running ads, to capturing leads, and priming the leads with a video

1. Target Locally

We'll look at your painting company's service area together and determine the best areas to show ads in. Local homeowners will see your company's ad on their Facebook and Instagram feeds.

2. Attract the Best

The choice of what messaging and images to use is important. For example, if you're looking for interior painting projects, we'll feature those. We help you attract your ideal leads with a combination of messaging, images, and qualifying questions.

3. Convert

What are your company's strong points? If you need, we'll help you define them and feature them in your ads to get your ideal customers to contact you. For some painting campaigns, a financing offer or discount may also be appropriate.

4. Prime for Closing

To build trust with your new prospects, we'll direct them to a sales video. This is a video we create on behalf of your company that highlights your unique selling points.

What Makes Service Allies Leads Stand Out

An icon demonstrating good quality leads

Good Lead Quality

Lead quality is a big focus at Service Allies. There are a number of ways we set up your ads to attract the most qualified leads. Normally you can turn about 30% to 40% of your painting leads into sales appointments. The typical close rate is between 25% to 40% for contractors with a strong sales process, although we have seen up to 70%.

An icon showing an exclusive lead

Lead Exclusivity

Homeowners turn into leads when they fill out their information on your company's ad. They will be your leads, and we don't share leads with multiple contractors.

An icon showing lead volume scaling up

Scalable Lead Volume

How many monthly leads are you looking for? Our system is adjustable, which is a unique benefit among other types of marketing programs. Most of our clients opt for around 20 to 60 leads each month, but you can scale up to 100 or more if your service area is big enough.

An icon with arrows demonstrating a fast launch time

7-Day Launch Time

It only takes us 7 days to build up our lead system. Once it's built, we'll turn your ads on. From there it only takes 1-3 days to start seeing leads come in.

PA paving company gets 457 leads in less than 9 months

In just over 8 months a Pennsylvania paving company generated 457 exclusive paving leads with Service Allies

I cold called a paving company earlier this year to see if they were interested in our lead generation program with Facebook ads. I happened to have really good timing - the owners were thinking about running Facebook ads and, at the time I called, were actually writing out a text to someone else to ask about running them. The timing was incredible and felt like an act of God. The results we were able to generate were also incredible.

In just over 8 months, we generated 457 leads with $9,938.27 in ad spend ($21.74 per lead!). Keep in mind - these are all exclusive leads reaching out to the company directly.

Recently, I talked to the gal responsible for calling all the leads and she told me that they had booked 90% - 95% for sales appointments. Not only had they booked all those sales appointments - but their close rate is 70%! 

Some of these leads were for small ticket items, like seal coating ($400 on average.) Some, however, were large driveway paving projects, reaching up to $14,000. They sold one or two commercial projects. She told me their average ticket ranged somewhere between $2000 - $6000 on sold projects. If you split that down the middle the average ticket is $4000.

While these results are incredible on their own, there are likely many more projects that came in through their site or through referrals that can't be tracked by Service Allies. Because in addition to the directly tracked leads, their ads got seen 763,003 times by 166,513 people. That is some serious brand power!

If you own a paving business and would like to work with Service Allies, give us a call or schedule a demo today.

A Video From the Owner

Peter talks about our exclusive leads and typical results.

Learn More About Painting Leads

Service Allies runs Facebook ads to help you get painting leads. 

How We Get You Residential Painting Leads

Facebook ads are great for capturing interest from mid-funnel to low-funnel prospects. Mid-funnel prospects are actively considering painting their home, but haven’t started getting quotes yet. Low-funnel prospects have started getting quotes. 

Since the decision to paint your home requires some consideration of colors, investment, and choosing the right contractor, it can take months for homeowners to decide to buy. This presents a valuable opportunity for you to get in front of homeowners while they are still considering hiring a painter. 

A significant percentage of homeowners are considering a painting project at any given time. This means you can get painting leads through Facebook ads for relatively cheap.

The Opportunity with Painter Leads

Getting leads through your own ads gives you the unique ability to get the types of projects you want. When you fish, you attract certain types of fish depending on the bait you use. Facebook ads aren’t any different.

Want more exterior painting projects? Showcase pictures of exterior work you’ve done and tell your local market you’re looking for 3 new projects to start right away. Want to do large interior projects? Tell a story about a recent customer who did a total interior transformation with your company and show pictures of that project. 

A picture where on one side a man is painting the exterior of a home and on the other side a woman is painting the interior of the home. One is labeled exterior leads and one is labeled interior leads.

Because you have some control over the types of leads you get, you can focus on attracting high ticket projects. 

ROI (Return on Investment) Potential

High ticket painting projects can range from $3,000 to $9,000 easily. Let’s say we’re able to attract these high ticket projects and your average ticket stands at $4,000. 

A typical lead cost for painting leads on Facebook is between $30 to $50. (Remember, these are your own exclusive leads). Let’s average that out and say your average lead cost is $40. 

If you get 40 leads in one month, set sales appointments with 15, and sell the job to 5 of those, that would bring in $20,000 in revenue. And if your average cost per painter lead is $40, that would mean you only spent $1600 in advertising to generate that revenue.

A graphic illustration of a funnel demonstrating potential ROI of 40 painting leads.

Keep in mind, this is just an example based on some quick math. This is not a guarantee or a prediction of any kind.

Why Service Allies instead of Third Party Leads?

In addition to helping you land the right types of painting jobs, Service Allies offers some other advantages. 

First, you’ll get the benefit of the ads themselves. On average, your company will get seen 25,000 to 70,000 times each month - helping you build your reputation in the area. Buying leads from third parties doesn’t provide this advantage. 

Second, Service Allies offers a lead management dashboard that allows you to see and manage your leads. You can also set appointments, request reviews, and more. This will help you sell more painting jobs and get a bigger return on your ads.

Third, the owner of Service Allies (Peter Lewis) has spent the past 5 years running Facebook ads for contractors. During that time, he’s learned tricks of the trade to get leads on the phone and book the appointment. This training is tailored to Facebook leads specifically and is available for free on our website.

In total, our advertising service is probably more expensive than most lead generation services. But it has unique value that it brings, and is definitely worth it for the right contractors!

How to Get the Most Out of Your Leads

How can you get the most out of your house painting leads from Service Allies? 

1. Follow Up With New Leads Fast and Often

To sell jobs, you need to be visible and build trust with your leads. Service Allies can help you get qualified leads, but it’s up to you to book and close them. The free appointment setter training on our website can help you build a winning process to set appointments with a high percentage of your leads.

2. Develop a Good Sales Process

Now you’ve got estimates booked. To sell jobs, and sell them at a price point that makes sense for your business, you need a sales process. Look at The Academy for Professional Painting Contractors. Brandon offers exceptional wisdom to build an effective sales process along with many other processes in your painting business.

3. Get Good Pictures of Your Work

Real pictures tend to work better than stock photos in advertising. It seems our brains instinctively know when a picture is authentic or when it’s “pretend.” Overly professional looking photos seem to scare off potential prospects. If you have a gallery of photos of your work, this will help us advertise effectively on your behalf.

Normally, we can make it work by using stock photos that look as real as possible or borrowing photos from non-competitive contractors. But if you have a good gallery, that’s better!

4. Pictures of Your Team

People like buying from people more than they like buying from businesses. Featuring photos of you and your team will help boost engagement and build more trust with incoming leads.

5. Good Company Reviews

In addition to the leads you get every month, your ads will inspire local homeowners to research your business. If these in-the-market homeowners find that you have good reviews for the type of work they need done, they’ll be likely to keep you in mind for the future or even reach out on the spot through your website. If you don’t have a good collection of reviews, take some time to ask some of your old customers to leave you detailed reviews about their experience.

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Sell More Jobs with our Lead Management Dashboard

An image of a phone and a laptop with the service allies lead management dashboard pulled up


Get notified as soon as new leads come in. This helps you call new leads quickly and book more appointments! 


Schedule appointments with customers through the app and run automated appointment reminders to stay top of mind.


Take notes, mark sold jobs, and track your return on investment all in one place.

Or, Use Your Own

Get leads pushed to your own software to save time and avoid double data-entry. We integrate with almost all major platforms including:

An illustration showing leads coming from a lead form and going automatically into a crm system
A small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for Job NimbusA small black and white photo for pipedriveA small black and white photo for the contractor foreman softwareA small black and white photo for the market sharp softwareA small black and white photo for the housecall pro softwareA small black and white photo for the jobber softwareA small black and white photo for the high level softwareA small black and white photo for the builder acculynx software

Why Service Allies?


We do our best to run ads that are truthful and we avoid manipulative marketing practices like selling through fear.

Not only will you this give your customers a better experience, but will protect your image as a company. Learn more about us.


Service Allies focuses on one thing: getting quality leads for home improvement contractors through paid Facebook ads.

This level of attention allows us to be thorough, streamlined, and to get good results for our clients.

Pricing Information

We don’t sell our services on a per-lead basis. Instead, you give us a monthly budget to manage, and we work to get you as many good leads as possible within that budget. The average lead cost is $50 in ad spend. We have separate fees to run our system.

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