Service Allies generates remodel leads for remodeling contractors. Whether you’re looking for kitchen remodel leads, bathroom leads, or basement finish leads, our system delivers! 

We charge a fixed monthly management fee and you determine your own budget for ad spend. This ad spend will translate into how many leads you generate and how many views you get each month.


$23+ Million

Generated for Contractors

Here are a few examples:


In New Kitchen Remodel Projects

Daniel Robert Kitchens needed a way to generate leads for their specialized service, kitchen remodels. After signing on with Service Allies, they've sold $189,000 worth of kitchen remodels with more in the pipeline that may still close down!


In New Basement Projects

Tradesman Construction is a highly specialized remodeling contractor in central PA that has a streamlined process for completing basement finishes. Tradesman generated over $420,000 in the span of 10 months on our Facebook Ads program.


In New Bath Projects

Arnie from Roeland Home Improvers was looking for a supplemental way to get leads for bath projects. Arnie operates a specialized business model where he specializes in acrylic tubs and showers. We generated tub to shower conversion leads for Arnie that resulted in $173,000 in total sales!


Kitchen and Bath Projects

Brian is a high-end remodeler based out of Denver, Colorado. He needed a way to target a wealthy ideal customer profile. We created a strategy that included a landing page and pre-sales video that has been responsible for generating about $800,000 in high end Kitchen and Bath sales!


Restoration Projects

A Florida-based restoration company used Service Allies to run Facebook ads. Within a matter of months they had landed 36 new restoration projects paid for by insurance!


In Kitchen + Basement Projects

Pete Farris operates Epic Remodelers out of Schaumberg, Illinois, and personally runs every sales call. We've generated leads responsible for over $750,000 of Pete's sales!

+$1.5 Million

HVAC Replacements & Service

Buddy Smith from Russell’s Heating Air Conditioning & Plumbing in Chesapeake VA added 1.5 million in revenue in about 2 years of working with Peter Lewis (at his previous company). His business also grow from 10 million per year to 15 million per year in the second year working with us.

Exclusive Remodel Leads

The leads we generate for your company will be exclusive to you. We don't share leads with multiple contractors; when a homeowner reaches out to your remodeling business, you and you only will get their contact information.

We also give our remodeling contractors regional exclusivity. We only advertise one contractor per service per region. For example, if you advertise to get kitchen projects in your town, we won't work with another contractor in your town to advertise kitchens.

A screenshot of territories in a map software that illustrate how Service Allies carves out exclusive markets for its remodeling contractor clients.
screenshot of the Facebook ads dashboard illustrating how the average lead cost between all the different campaigns is $48

$50 Average Lead Cost

Leads are generated by promoting your business via Facebook Ads. You pay Facebook to show your ads to thousands of people and a small percentage of those people respond. When a homeowner submits their contact information, they become a lead.

On average across our client accounts, we see one lead come in for every $50 of ad spend. Please note that this does not take our monthly management fee into account.

20-80 Monthly Leads

Depending on your budget, and the cost per lead in your market, we’ll be able to get your company anywhere from 20 to 80 remodel leads per month. Our average cost per lead is around $50. So, for example, if your lead cost is $50 and your budget is $50 per day, you'll get around 30 leads per month.

You can adjust your ad budget depending on your ability to spend and your need for more work.

screenshot snippet of inside the service allies crm illustrating a high volume of leads
A 3D rendering of a remodel project floor plan with a guest bathroom, pantry, living area, and kitchen with an island.

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Basement Leads

Managing remodel projects is tough. Between estimating, ordering materials, managing customer expectations, taking change orders, managing subcontractors, and everything else, it’s hard to keep everything running smoothly all at once. This problem is compounded when you work on a large variety of projects.

Our program allows you to generate leads for specific types of projects. If basements are your most profitable type of project, for example, we can run ads to get basement leads specifically. Being able to niche down your business can help you run a much smoother, much more profitable operation!

Lead Management System

At Service Allies we set up a lead management system for all of our new clients. This CRM (customer relationship management) system allows you to track opportunities and send automated texts and emails to customers.

By tracking appointments and sales, you will give us the ability to run your ads more profitably by focusing on the ad campaigns that are generating the best leads.

Also, the automated texts and emails help you engage with your customers on a whole new level. These auto responders and automated reminders help keep customers in the loop, set expectations, and ensure that things go smoothly with your estimate appointment.

In short, the lead management system is designed to help you get more sales out of the leads we generate!

A screenshot of the Service Allies CRM with the lead pipeline open.
A picture of a man sitting at his desk using a phone. He is smiling at the camera.

Lead Conversion Training

Getting homeowners to fill out a form is step one. How do we ensure that these leads turn into appointments? To do this we provide lead follow-up training to help you get in contact with as many leads as possible, whether they are form-fill leads or phone appointments.

This training includes a lead follow-up schedule, what to say in text messages, and how to properly track leads in the lead management software.

Pre-sales video

After a lead requests a quote on a kitchen, bath, or basement project, we allow them to schedule a time for a phone call. And when they schedule a time for a phone call, we send them to a landing page with a sales video where we essentially sell your business to the customer and get them excited about talking to you. We show reviews, your project photos, and more.

After we first started doing this for a clients, we saw a significant increase in lead quality! Here's an example of a pre-sales video.

A screenshot of a Facebook ad offering a free kitchen remodel estimate.

Good messaging

We try to advertise and sell to people in the same way we would want to be advertised and sold to ourselves. This means accurate information and avoiding pushy or high-pressure sales tactics. When we run ads for remodeling companies, we focus on providing accurate information and showcasing what your company does that is different or better.

Small companies may allow customers to work directly with the owner. Larger companies may be able to offer better warranties. Every company has something unique to offer. We advertise in a way that allows your ideal audience to find you!


If you already use a CRM, project management software, or accounting software, we can help lighten your workload by automatically sending our leads to the software. This is done via Zapier, a platform that allows you to connect different softwares together.

We are able to send contacts to almost any mainstream software available.

A screenshot of a zap in zapier illusrtating how we can integrate leads with various crm systems

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