Make it easy for your ideal customers to find you.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of making it as easy as possible for your ideal customers to find you. Positioning yourself for your ideal customers, rather than just any customer, is the key to successful SEO. Service Allies offers SEO services for home improvement contractors.

Our Timeline for Putting SEO in Action



Before we begin SEO, we always sit down with our clients to create a game plan. On this call, we'll work with you to decide on the primary services and locations to focus on.



Next we'll do our homework to find opportunity keywords and see what the competition is doing. Then we'll structure your site for SEO and make content adjustments to maximize conversions



We'll continue adding high-value content to your website on an ongoing basis, work on getting backlinks, and split test content to get as many conversions as possible. You'll receive monthly activity reports so you can stay in the loop!

The Offer Strategy

Getting people to your website isn’t the only consideration. The next consideration is how you differentiate your company and your services. Do you run a small family business? Some customers love dealing with the owner directly. Do you run a larger business, that is a low-risk option for customers with the warranties and guarantees you offer? There’s a market for that too! 

The trick is to be extremely clear about what you do best and help prospective customers understand why they should choose you. When customers get to your site, they’re more likely to reach out to someone who specializes in what they're looking for, than someone who has a generic tagline about how they prioritize the customer. 

What We Do

Service Allies stays up to date on the latest tactics and techniques to help you get the competitive edge in your market. To help your website stay first, here's a few things we do.

Optimize Heading Tags
Optimize Meta Data
Optimize Your GMB Listing
Add Alt Tags to Images
Write High-Converting Content
Help Get Backlinks to Your Site
And more!

Why Service Allies?

Unless you’re extremely lucky, SEO is never a set it and forget it strategy. SEO for high-ticket services is a highly competitive field and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your SEO partner should be someone you can trust to actively fight by your side to keep your business relevant in an increasingly competitive world.

At Service Allies, we take a proactive approach in working hard to help our clients win. We fight alongside you so that when those cream-of-the-crop homeowners are ready to buy, they find you.

We’re currently taking on new clients for SEO services. Start with a Strategy Session to discuss your goals and options.